Wyższa Szkoła Integracji Europejskiej


Academy of European Integration - today and tomorrow

About us...


The Academy of European Integration in Szczecin is a college which has been building its history only, or already, a second decade. Its mission is a constant concern about the development of the supreme social welfare which is the intellectual capital of the staff and people being educated on diverse levels. According to the academic tradition, we have been building this capital cooperatively, jointly and severally, respecting the most significant moral and social values. We have adopted an internal code of ethics for academic teachers which is strictly obeyed. The Academy is open to the needs of the city and the whole region, to the extent possible it builds and deepens the relationships with business and social practice of West Pomerania and “Pomerania” Euro-region. This, among others, purpose is served by agreements of the Academy of European Integration with social, defence, economic and cultural institutions, which agreements are consistently realized.

We have been educating our staff mainly for these territorial areas, adjusting the directions of their activity to their diagnosed economic and public needs. We take care of the substantive and didactic level of educating students and listeners, we conduct interesting scientific research as well as galvanize publishing activities. Owing to those facts, our graduates are people with high professional qualifications, enterprising and creative, effectively dealing with social and professional life. We strive to develop their positive attitudes as Polish and European Union citizens.

As an academic community of teachers and students we guarantee the freedom of discussion and we take care of the development of unhampered thinking. We endeavour to ensure that all our graduates were proud of the fact of graduating from the Academy of European Integration in Szczecin.

Our Academy was founded in 1999. According to the assumptions, its main field of activity is to educate learners for the economic and administrative needs, well-prepared to function in the country’s and unites Europe’s reality.

The founder of the Academy is the “Bildung & Handwerk” foundation, located in Paderborn (Germany). Due to the fact that the position, experience and possibilities of the founder are of outstanding value for each Academy, we below quote some information about it. The SBH Foundation is a large German educational holding bringing together famous, possessing legal rights, educational institutions from Germany and several other European Union countries. The enterprises that are part of, established by Kreishandwerkerschaft Paderborn, foundation show positive result of their over thirty-year activity. It employs over 2300 full-time employees, mainly professionals and managers. In addition, it cooperates with about 5000 instructors, teachers, lecturers and academic teachers, including countless university professors. The founder of the Academy of European Integration is therefore a competent and thoroughly experienced patron, giving the Academy a real support and a guarantee of stability.

The Academy of European Integration is an academy undertaking effective actions in the areas such as scientific and social activity or educational-cognitive international cooperation. It organizes interesting scientific and popular science conferences, it publishes thought-provoking monographic and collective positions. There is a signed agreement of a possibility of cooperation with several partners in Europe which creates consistently used conditions of the expansion of the offer into new forms and levels of study, the organization of interesting apprenticeships and other scientific as well as educational forms, along with fascinating international student exchanges. The Academy actively takes part in the academic life of Szczecin and West Pomerania as well as it cooperates with the state authorities and local government. All the courses and specialties of studies currently being carried out possess a positive accreditation of the National Accreditation Commission. The Academy of European Integration is the first and oldest academy in Poland, which in its name and mission has inscribed the issues of Polish integration with the European structures. Implementing the mission written in the founding documents, the Academy comes up with a lot of interesting local and regional initiatives. These include the Szczecin European Integration Days, which first edition was held from 16-17 September 2011. It was a joyful, sport-cultural-historical celebration of the fact of being a member of the grand, European family of nations, accompanied by a serious debate of significant for the region future environments about today and perspectives of the European Union.

In the past decade, the Academy had employed a number of employees significant in their fields of study. This situation is taking place also currently.

The Academy of European Integration possesses a very good, attractively located facility in a renovated and modernized building at Adama Mickiewicza Street 47 in Szczecin, which is owned by the founder. This building is equipped with modern equipment and teaching tools as well as it has separate premises for the needs of library and multimedia reading room. The Academy’s library collections are enhanced and updated dynamically. The building contains well-equipped lecture and seminar halls as well as computer labs connected to the Internet and intranet. The Academy’s headquarters are situated in the city centre with easy access to public transport, which is an additional, considerable asset.

The ambition of the founder of the Academy, its management and whole staff is to educate students on a good, professional level, create graduates capable of meeting challenges of the contemporary reality, able to function effectively in an increasingly integrated global economy, in a multicultural and multilingual environment, finding and maintaining their place on the job market. Only such an organization of the studying process, effective and positively evaluated by the students, listeners, graduates, employers and the whole environment, can provide the Academy development and an important place in the education market of the region. This purpose is served by modern education, currently implemented in the authored form of “studying in cooperation”.

The Academy of European Integration operates basing on the humanistic value system, educating in the spirit of Europeanism, democracy and responsibility for the welfare of the society, state and the whole European Union. Successful implementation of the written in the Academy’s development strategy objectives and directions of its growth, serves establishing the Academy’s position in the regional, national and European educational area, elevating competitiveness of the ongoing education courses as well as building a facility friendly towards the students, staff and required by the region.

In the 1999/2011 academic years, 937 graduates completed a bachelor’s degree studies. Countless people completed or updated their education on the postgraduate studies in the Academy of European Integration. Our Academy has signed cooperation agreements with several national and European universities. These are among others:

  • Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies-Rotterdam,
  • Columbus-IBS, Escuela Europa de Negocios en Aragon S.I.
  • Universita degli Studi di Bari,
  • Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes-Bielefeld.

The Academy of European Integration has been pursuing and implementing many interesting central and Union projects.

We strive to ensure that in ten years time, in 2020, the Academy celebrating its twentieth anniversary:

  • Will have been recognized in the region as a scientific and educational center, positively evaluated in the environment as well as in the national and regional rankings of colleges, owing to good level of education along with significant effects of research, well managed and friendly for students;
  • Will have still continued to provide good conditions for studying and research, thanks to steadily developed and modernized premises and infrastructure;
  • Will have guaranteed its graduates a degree valued by employers and the society;
  • Will have cooperated effectively in many areas with local, national and foreign academic centers and socio-economic organizations.

The Founder, management and the whole staff of the academy consistently strive to fully realize this goal.